Flying Diamonds Energy Company LLC

Vertical Axis, High Drag Wind Turbines

How it works

This vertical axis wind turbine uses the power of the wind to create a force/drag differential. This force differential is created by the wind blowing on the high drag windtraps that are attached to arms that are attached to a central hub. The hub rotates about a fixed point. The force differential across the turbine creates a rotary motion that results in a powerful torque. This torque can drive an electric generator or water pump.

The windtrap design is the very core of this technology and patent.

It must serve two functions:

  1. Capture the energy of the wind during the power absorption side of the rotation cycle (maximum coefficient of drag).
  2. Transform mechanically into an efficient minimum drag shape during the recovery side of the rotation cycle.

The wind trap is designed to operate simply by the pressure of the wind. It does not require any control features or timing features. It can operate omni-directional as the direction of the wind changes.

A wind trap consists of a diamond shaped frame work with petals hinged to it. The opening and closing of the petals are coordinated by a synchronizer assembly. The assembly consists of the synchronizer block that the push rods are attached to. It slides easily on the guide shaft that runs down the center of the wind trap. Push rods, one for each petal, are attached to the synchronizer via pivot points and the other end of the push rods are attached to the backside of each petal. When the wind catches the petals, they all act in unison and open or close together. This action occurs naturally with very little wind pressure. It is simple, reliable and very effective. It is also self-starting and works anytime the wind blows.